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Introducing the Indigenous Rights Forum

!Indigenous Rights Forum

@HumanTribe International is happy to announce our first public discussion forum, the Indigenous Rights Forum.

In this forum, we will host discussions about all of the different ways in which indigenous people's human rights have been infringed by invasive colonizers or settlers in the past, how they are still being infringed by occupying forces in the present, and about how we might best repair this harm, reconcile with each other, and live together harmoniously and peacefully going into the future.

We invite anyone and everyone who is aware of problems and/or solutions to participate here in earnest in order to bring these facts and ideas into the light of public awareness. We will have many difficult discussions that will involve countless generations of grievance, hardship, and suffering. We will have lots of difficult emotions with which to cope. As we have these discussions, it's important to remember that we are all voluntary participants in this forum in order to discover each other's pain and to heal together.

There are no "enemies" in this forum.
There is no "them" in this forum.
In this forum, there are only allies, and there is only us.

We are all here to cooperate together towards progress for an equitable standard of living. After all, human beings do not own the Earth; the Earth owns us. We all similarly share its resources and the sustenance that it provides for us.

That being said, should anybody become abusive while participating in this forum, please tag our @HumanTribe Administrator or @HumanTribe International and the situation will be dealt with accordingly to the best of our ability.

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