Countries with 20% muslims and above see increased hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. For example Ethiopia, with a muslim population of around 35%

VOX es la voz de la España Viva. Un movimiento de extrema necesidad que nace para poner a las instituciones al servicio de los españoles, en contraste con el actual modelo que pone a los españoles al servicio de los políticos. VOX es el partido del sentido común, el que pone voz a lo que piensan millones de españoles en sus casas; el único que lucha contra la corrección política asfixiante. En VOX no les decimos a los españoles cómo tienen que pensar, hablar o sentir, les

Abort73 is working to protect women and children from the violence of abortion
We do that through education and peer-to-peer engagement

Georgetown Professor said Slavery and Non-Consensual Sex are Okay under Islamic Teachings
Nice to see that people in positions are also starting to tell the truth

Nye Borgerliges webshop. Forkæl dig selv, eller få gode ideer til julegaverne i år

Man who killed four in Vienna terror attack had served time for trying to join the Islamic State
In addition to the four killed, many others were wounded during the attack on Monday

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/1330851089005096964]We were not created to dream about vacations or the weekend, but to make God’s dreams come true in this world. God made us capable of dreaming, so that we could embrace the beauty of life. The works of mercy are the most beautiful works in life.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/DalaiLama/status/1330806237542301696]Just as we teach children to observe physical hygiene for its benefits to our health, we need to teach them to cultivate emotional hygiene. They need to learn how to tackle their destructive emotions and achieve peace of mind.[/bookmark]

An informed citizenry is an essential element of maintaining a free society. Having a deeper understanding of how legislation impacts education freedom, economic freedom and the constitutional principles of individual liberty and limited government allows citizens to better understand the known and often unknown consequences of legislative issues

Les mosquées de Toulouse poreuses aux djihadistes : un livre donne de nouvelles informations
Lors de l’inauguration de la Grande mosquée « Al Nour » de Toulouse, nous avions révélé les prêches promouvant le combat de Mohamed Tatai, son imâm algérien follement toléré en France, qui de plus fait la promotion de Youssef Al-Qaradawi dans son prêche sur le « sacrifice en islam »

War on police: Colin Kaepernick is now calling for the release of a convicted cop killer
Yes, the same football failure who depicted cops as “pigs” on his football uniform socks

Gaza: Four Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up
Four terrorists from Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Saraya al Quds brigade died in an explosion at their facility in Sajaiya, in eastern Gaza City

Polischef skrev att utländska tjuvar ”inte hör hemma i Sverige” – anklagas för rasism
GÖTEBORG Erik Nord, chef i polisområde Storgöteborg, meddelade på Twitter att två utländska män gripits misstänkta för olika stölder. Att han beskrev männen som att de ”inte hör hemma i Sverige” har fått flera att reagera starkt och tycka att polischefen uttrycker sig rasistiskt

Exposing the racist supporters of the democratic party
Left-wing Student Calls Black Conservatives “Monkeys”

Many people have wondered why American progressives often fiercely defend radical Islamists, who, at first glance, appear to hold political and ethical positions that are in conflict to the progressive ethos. However, what if Islamists have been erroneously classified as conservative when they have far more in common with progressives?

Politik läßt sich niemals bis ins letzte planen. Sie ist oftmals voller Überraschungen. Auch die BIA wird weiterhin ihren Platz im politischen Geschehen der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt behaupten. Und oft genug sind die Letzten von heute die Ersten von morgen

Supreme Court Must Only Allow Legal Votes
I am a Democrat who supports re-electing Donald Trump because I appreciate that he did so much to help America’s working people in his first term. I still support Trump and still want him re-elected
In this election, many people violated election laws to help Biden. That is the real problem

We seek to educate corporate officials about Planned Parenthood and convince them to stop funding the abortion-committing behemoth

Berlin: Muslimischer Grundschüler bereit, seine Lehrerin zu enthaupten!
Die Mitglieder von Allahs & Mohammeds Kids-Club

Joe Biden Promises to Reverse Trump’s Pro-Life Executive Orders, Force Americans to Fund Abortion through their taxes
This means that you can not be having a job and being a taxpayer in the US without being forced to be a part of killing unborn babies

Bidens politiske direktør i Texas anklaget for ulovlig omgang med stemmesedler
Dette sætter en meget alvorlig tvivl på om valget i USA reelt blev gennemført uden valgsvindel

Steven Crowder runs through the facts that prove Rashida Tlaib actively supports terrorism

Science has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that each human life begins at conception. From this point on, the developing being is a unique, irreplaceable member of our human family

Tous disent qu'ils lutteront contre l'islam et le terrorisme. Mais très peu précisent comment

In silence and mourning, France marked five years since 130 people were killed by Islamic State extremists who targeted the Bataclan concert hall, Paris cafes and the national stadium in a series of coordinated attacks
It was France’s deadliest peacetime attack ever

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/1326864822714052608]Generosity that supports the weak, consoles the afflicted, relieves suffering and restores dignity to those stripped of it, is a condition for a fully human life. #[/bookmark]

In 2016, millions of people in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania who had supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 opted to back Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton
Trump got even more votes from black and latino minorities this time than the 2016 election

Nätverk mot politisk korrekthet
Ett försök att rädda Sverige genom att informera om verkligheten (till skillnad från vad svensk media gör)

This election isn't over. Sign up to be part of our team that helps save our country
Find Your Event
Stop The Steal is happening nationwide

A muslim killed three people, nearly decapitating one at the Basilica of Notre Dame in Nice, France, while yelling "Allahu Akbar!" Two weeks ago, a teacher was nearly beheaded after he showed controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in his class

Op 2 juli 2019 vormde het Vlaams Belang samen met de Lega uit Italië, het Franse Rassemblement National, het Duitse AFD, de Oostenrijkse FPÖ en enkele andere gelijkgezinde partijen de fractie ‘Identiteit en Democratie’ in het Europees Parlement als voortzetting van de fractie Europa van Naties en Vrijheid. Samen strijden wij op Europees niveau voor een Europa van soevereine staten. Een Europa van vrijheid, nationale eigenheid en identiteit

Anti-Catholic Ad OK in New York Times, But Similar Anti-Islam Ad Rejected
Neil Munro of the Daily Caller reports on a double standard on religious-bashing ads in the New York Times involving Pamela Geller (pictured), the activist against radical Islam and whose "venemous" rhetoric the Times finds offensive, especially after her involvement in the opposition to building a mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero

The website StopTheSteal.us, organized by political commentator and consultant Ali Alexander, is currently coordinating several grassroots events across the US with regard to controversy over the election results in swing states

WIEN. Nach Drohungen von Islamisten hat die österreichische Polizei die Familie von Innenminister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) unter Schutz gestellt. Die Frau und die beiden Kinder würden ab sofort von der Eliteeinheit Cobra rund um die Uhr bewacht, bestätigte das Innenministerium der Kronen-Zeitung

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/1325052883583299585]All of us are able to give without expecting anything in return, to do good to others without demanding that they treat us well in return. As Jesus told his disciples: “Without cost you have received, without cost you are to give” (Mt 10:8). #[/bookmark]

President Donald Trump, often portrayed by liberal media as a racist, has reportedly attracted the highest share of minority voters of any Republican presidential candidate

When it comes to social media influencers, many might recognize Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roger Federer, and Billy Joel. But what about the superstar Islamist clerics — Mohamad Al Arefe, A’id Al Qarnee, Salman Al Odah, and Othman Al Khamis — whose track records range from incitement of jihad, country-entry bans, and displays of bigotry?

Islams skadeverkningar på samhället kan liknas vid en koloni husbock som långsamt men obevekligt knaprar på samhällets grundvalar och gradvis eroderar demokrati, likhet inför lagen, jämställdhet och den viktiga tilliten mellan människor

Big tech censors black conservatices
Even though Netflix and Amazon Prime were quick to promote black-oriented content after the death of George Floyd, it appears that streaming services are willing to take a pass when it comes to content made by black conservatives that questions the status quo
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