Stop Christophobia. Show your support for this project. 80% of the persons in the world who are persecuted or assaulted because of their religion are Christians

Antifa is a terrorist organisation. As with all terrorist organisations, it is about to find out how they are funded. That is the only way to stop them

Hänsynslös förföljelse mot världens kristna fortsätter. Förföljelsen av kristna i världen slår nytt rekord. De kristna har i ett antal år varit världens mest förföljda religiösa grupp

Read about how Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist ideology is putting Canadians in danger

Of course islamic state are islamic. Islam is based on the koran, the koran has many verses commanding muslims to kill people of other religions

Kristne er den mest forfulgte religiøse gruppe i verden

A stunning and disgusting report from Rotherham in Britain confirms the worst fears about police looking the other way and ignoring massive child sex abuse for fear of appearing racist

Al principi només preguen amb somriures complaents.
Quan són més: protesten, exigeixen, reivindiquen
Quan són majoria: obliguen, imposen, dicten.
Gràcies a JxCat-ERC-CUP-Podemos i tots els altres (tots), estem en la segona fase.
Ja saps a qui has de donar suport per no arribar a la tercera.
SOM Catalans. Catalunya

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have

Women For Trump. Women for Trump will empower women to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing their experiences and successes during the Trump administration. Re-electing the President ensures greater economic opportunity for women, safer communities for our families, and the best healthcare policies for generations to come

O PNR é o único partido político português que sempre se tem batido contra a islamização da Europa e, sobretudo, de Portugal. Inúmeras tomadas de posição, pontos programáticos e múltiplas acções de rua, têm pautado a actuação do PNR, ao longo de anos, perante aquela que é a maior ameaça dos nossos dias

Fresh polling out Monday shows President Donald Trump receiving a post-convention increase in support. A poll, conducted by Emerson College, surveyed 1,576 voters between August 30 and August 31 to ascertain the impact that both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions may have had on the public. Trump is leading with 49-47

The Husseini Islamic Center of Sanford, FL invited Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar to speak at their Mosque. Dr. Sekaleshfar says the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do. In a 2013 speech Sheikh Sekaleshfar said this regarding gays, “Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence … We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”

When did racism against white people just become totally okay?

Hvornår blev racisme mod hvide mennesker bare helt okay?

Empowering the Black community has always been a top priority for Donald J. Trump, even before he became President. Since his inauguration, President Trump has championed policies that have revitalized the Black community. He has done this by creating a more inclusive economy for Black Americans, providing historic funding for our Historical Black Colleges and Universities, expanding school choice, and giving former inmates a second chance to achieve the American Dream

If you are a Christian patriot. It is important to get as many children as possible, so we can maintain a Christian majority

Seitdem die BIA im Rathaus vertreten ist, sind die anderen Parteien in vielen wichtigen Fragen nicht mehr unter sich. Das allein ist schon ein großer Erfolg. Die BIA ist ein Stück Demokratie für München

This page lists climate science and climate impact claims that have either not been proven, or have had the claim modified, moved, or expanded to protect the claimant from having to admit the original claim was wrong

According to the Christian post, a Turkish-backed Islamic terrorist group is threatening to execute a Kurdish Christian man and English teacher for apostasy. The headmaster of a school in the city of Afrin in northern Syria has been accused of apostasy and arrested by an Islamist group loyal to Turkey, which wants to punish him

Når vold mot meningsmotstandere blir legalisert. Det som skjedde i Bergen den 22.08.20 er et skremmeskudd for Norge

Incarcerated Islamist Preacher Who Called for Murdering Jews Complains About Being Forced to Eat Kosher Food. That is terrible double standards. Muslims are totally fine with other people eating halal (Muslim "Blessed") food, but they complain about it if they are eating Kosher (Jewish blessed) food

Many people believe that liberty is the core political value of modern civilization itself, the one that gives substance and form to all the other values of social life.
They are called libertarians

Det er en farefuld færd, regeringen har begivet sig ud på med finanslovsforslaget for næste år. Men det kostant at bruge flere penge end der kommer ind, og dermed lave offentligt underskud, så man er nød til konstant at hæve skatterne har desværre altid været den politik de røde har villet føre

Leaked documents from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that the left-Wing government currently in power, has planned to fly Islamic State extremists and their children back to Finland

Apperently muslim immigrants in Sweden are just allowed to shout they want to kill all Jews. Swedish rally calls to murder Jews, then "Long live Margot Wallström!" “Jews remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad shall return.”

Linksgrüne Berliner Politiker verteidigen linksradikalen Rechtsbruch in der Hauptstadt und dämonisieren im gleichen Atemzug friedlichen bürgerlichen Protest

A muslim, again again. Not a supprise. A man has been sentenced to 22 years in prison after a brutal stabbing in broad daylight at an east London park. Yasin Omar Amare, age 29 (21.08.90)

Christians is the most persecuted in the world. It has to stop. This is a violation of peoples very fundemental rights

Les discriminations systémiques des marocains chrétiens
Le Code pénal stipule que tous les Marocains sont musulmans, de sorte que ceux qui se convertissent au christianisme voient non seulement leur sécurité menacée, mais sont en plus confrontés à des problèmes juridiques

The Presidential Oath of Office states that a president solemnly swear(s) (or affirms) that he/she will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States. Obama has done unrepairable damage on the United States on purpose, and it is possible to prove that in court

أردوغان إرهابي إسلامي. أوقفه الآن. إنه لا يقدر حياة المسيحيين الأتراك وغيرهم من الأتراك غير المسلمين. حان الوقت لإزاحة أردوغان من السلطة الآن

“100% Antifa” Charged Militant Under Investigation in Portland Murder of Trump Supporter. New video of Portland murder shows this was an expressly political crime. “Hey, we got a Trumper right here!” Two shots fired

The left wing extremists and antifa assaulted a group of Trump supporters, and shot one of them dead. Antifa then celebrated his death as you can see!. It is unforgiveable. There is no doubt now that only a victory for Trump will result in a peaceful country again

Erdoğan İslami bir teröristtir. Hemen durdur onu. Hıristiyan Türklerin ve Müslüman olmayan diğer Türklerin hayatlarına değer vermiyor. Erdoğan'ı iktidardan uzaklaştırmanın zamanı geldi

Biden knows that he relies on votes from islamic terrorists, and other fanatic muslims. That is why he wants to please them by using taxpayer money to make public schools in the US teach students about islam

Stop the islamic terrorist Erdogan!

Selvfølgelig skal Tyrkiet smides ud af NATO. De er ledet af en islamistisk terrorist (Erdogan), og lever på ingen måder op til at være et NATO-medlem. Også et klart flertal af vælgerne i Tyskland ønsker, at Tyrkiet smides ud af NATO. Det fortæller Die Welt. Undersøgelsen, der er gennemført af YouGov, viser, at 58 procent af tyskerne ønsker Tyrkiet smidt ud af den transatlantiske forsvarsalliance. Kun 18 procent er imod
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