The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
Addressing A Common Muslim Polemic. A very common problem is that muslims try to cover up the very hateful orders about killing non-muslims in the koran


Aid and relief for the persecuted church. From Christians to Christians. Volunteers. Advocacy


Ordet og Israel er en kristen bevægelse, som driver et arbejde i Danmark og Israel. Vi ønsker, at kristne får Bibelens syn på Israel, og at jøder må få Bibelens syn på Jesus som Messias


The anti-Israel bias must stop now. It's time to tell our side of the story


Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari said he wanted to kill more people than Pulse nightclub jihad mass shooter


Den enorme muslimske indvandring har ændret Danmark på fundamental vis. Islamiseringen har – bid for bid – ædt sig ind på vores samfund. Muslimske kulturelle normer har forandret mange områder i landet og sætter danske normer og værdier sættes under pres i foreninger og institutioner


What unites the left and islam is just their common facist hate against jewish people. But do not expect it to stop there. They will be coming for the Christians too


Geert Wilders: ‘‘Allahu Akbar does not belong to The Netherlands. Mosques do not belong to the Netherlands. Islam does not belong to The Netherlands.’’


Volksabstimmung zum EU-Austritt. Deutschland ist seit Jahren Zahlmeister für ganz Europa. Es wird Zeit, über ein Ende der ewigen Zahlerei zu sprechen


mood is doom spelled backwards 🙃

Islam must be stopped at all costs. It is a supremacist ideology that aims to conquer and subjugate. Let’s examine the origins of this practice


An Isis supporter who planned to destroy St Paul’s Cathedral and kill “herself and as many other people as possible” has been sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years in prison
Safiyya Amira Shaikh, a 37-year-old mother and Muslim convert from Hayes, west London, wanted to “blow” the landmark “to the ground” and “hated the UK”, the Old Bailey heard


Vi har nu kørt sporadisk øvelse i grænsekontrol i et par uger og kan konstatere at man reagerer på SIADs afsløringer om den ikke-eksisterende grænsekontrol. Grænserne står piv-åbne


We need a good black christian as a mayor in London. Not the Pakistani muslim who cheated his way into power


Danmarks Nationale Front (DNF) blev grundlagt i 2007, i kølvandet på lukningen af Dansk Front. Vi mente, og vi mener stadig, at Danmark har brug for et nyt højrenationalistisk initiativ, som er mere aktivistisk orienteret end man tidligere har set på højrefløjen


Simon Deng, a native of the Shiluk Kingdom in southern Sudan, is an escaped jihad slave and a leading human rights activist. He was captured as a slave by arab muslims, just because he is black and christian


Goussainville: Abdelaziz Hamida a travaillé à la construction de la mosquée terroriste des Frères musulmans


Arab journalists and social media users are raising concerns about a recent appointee to Facebook’s new Oversight Board with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. What kind of world are we living in?. Facebook appoints islamic terrorists to monitor facebook posts


The leftie mainstream media tries to label you as a racist no matter what you do and do not do. It is time to stop caring about that label, as it is being abused all the time


Der er i koranen utalige opfordringer til vold og drab mod jøder, kristne, og i det hele taget anderledes tænkende end de gamle sure mænd der har skrevet koranen


One of the most important things is to raise your patriotic christian child in a way so that he or she is encouraged to give you alot of grandchildren. The number of christian disciples and patriots is crucial. Lets make sure that christians will always outnumber muslims on this planet


80% of the people who are discriminated because of their religion is christians. Help persecuted and at-risk Christians facing genocide all over the world, particularly in the Middle East


80% af dem der diskrimineres for deres tro i verden er kristne


Why do Muslims kill for Islam? How does "the religion of peace" produce so many terrorists? Our book decodes the Koran and answers this question


[bookmark=https://twitter.com/Simplyswapy/status/1279704963472478208]No woman ever became empowered by living in fear.

I am the only woman in my team,if I am afraid,I won't be able to work.

We have to get out & work, we have to have voice in every sphere of society.

Never be afraid, go forth & be who you want to be. Be mindful not fearful.[/bookmark]

Christian Man Shot for Living in a “Muslim Neighborhood” in Pakistan Dies. Nadeem Joseph, a Christian from the TV Colony of Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s Khybar Pakhtunkhawa province, died yesterday as a result of gunshot wounds he received on June 4. Twenty-six days ago, Joseph and his family were attacked by Muslim neighbors because they purchased a home in what their neighbors’ determined to be a ‘Muslim-only’ neighborhood


Seit 20 Jahren warnt der CIA schon mehrfach vor einem Bürgerkrieg in Europa – ausgelöst durch den Islam Bereits im April 2008 hatte Kopp Online exklusiv über eine geheime Studie


This page takes up all the cases, and gives you a full overview about how muslim immigration is destroying Sweden


Students for Trump will be the official chapter-based, pro-Trump student group on hundreds of college and high school campuses across America beginning this fall


Formålet søkes oppnådd ved å spre informasjon om hva islam står for og hvilke konsekvenser islamiseringen vil få. SIAN ønsker også å samarbeide med demokratiske krefter i andre land som har samme formål for øye


In my second english vlog I talk about the so called "Antifa" in Germany in Austria and the it'spolitical terror against patriots. The cases I list are just the tip of the iceberg....


The EU parlament is putting so much effort in combating so called "intolerence against muslims", but christians is the most persecuted and discriminated people both in Europe and globally. But when the organisation tried to encrouge the EU parlament to do something against this even bigger problem, they refused. That means the EU parlament loves islam, but hates christianity and thinks it is ok to persecute christians. That is sad


Det er det eneste de muslimske terrorister kan finde ud af. At angibe folk fysisk. Bare fordi de ikke har nogle argumenter for deres sag. Rasmus Paludan til statsminister!


Islamists appropriate Black Lives Matter movement, despite history of anti-black bigotry. No one is more racist against black people than muslims. No one have enslaved more black people than muslims. Muslims still use black christian slaves in arab countries


[bookmark=https://twitter.com/TIMESUPNOW/status/1278762623023157249]"The next five years need to be a time of drastic reengineering of our systems to eliminate health disparities and know that in crisis we have the ability to ensure resources and care are allocated equitably."

— # founding member @choo_ek [/bookmark]

Spain – Increasing tensions between Europeans and muslim immigration invaders, small riots occuring in Manle. Last week, call to Muslim prayer ( Adhan ) rang out in Lleida ( Lleida ) Catalonia, Spain, right next to the Seu Vella, a historic church that dominates the city

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