A # joke:

A: Knock-knock...
B: Who's there?
A: "I don't know."
B: I don't know who?
A: ...

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/DalaiLama/status/1292755129410625538]As soon as I wake up in the morning, I remind myself that nothing exists as it appears. Then I think about sentient beings who want happiness, but experience suffering. I generate compassion for them, determined to help them as much as I can to eliminate their negative emotions.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/1292785263211667457]We are born with a seed of dissatisfaction in search of fulfillment. Our heart, even without knowing it, thirsts for the encounter with God and seeks it, many times taking the wrong road. When our dissatisfaction encounters Jesus, the life of grace begins.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/pfrazee/status/1292856487447007237]When your teammate handles a task you were dreading:
wow team work is dream work 🌈💕✨

1 minute later, when you disagree over some small UI detail:
tbh I work better solo[/bookmark]

VIDEO: Muslimskt tjejgäng attackerar svensk pojke: ”På min mamma jag kommer knulla”. Samhällsnytt kan visa ett videoklipp från en grundskola som visar hur ett gäng tjejer i slöjor omringar och attackerar en ensam svensk pojke. Samtidigt syns lärare strunta i att ingripa och istället oroa sig över att händelsen filmas


Attempt To Use Pakistan’s Islamic Blasphemy Laws Against Yet Another Innocent Christian: The Case Of Jan Masih


Terrorismusbericht bestätigt: Islamisten und Linksextremisten sind die größte Gefahr


A vote for Trump is a vote for America


Muslim imam Feiz Mohammad claims women are at fault for being raped based on what they wear


Stram Kurs. Vi var i Silkeborg for at tale med borgerne omkring den demografiske udskiftning


Indian muslims have such a big hatred against indian hindus. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. The locals are terrified of them


[bookmark=https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1292264334287044609]The United States just passed 5 million reported infections of COVID-19. It’s a number that boggles the mind and breaks the heart. Each time the number goes up, it represents a life altered, a family stricken with anxiety, a community on edge. It shouldn’t have gotten this bad.[/bookmark]

We knew it was coming. Somehow, someway, the Democrats were going to find a way to blame President Trump, albeit indirectly


Frankreich: Regierung gibt zu „150 Stadtteile an den Islam verloren“
Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Indexexpurgatorius's Blog:
? Sie besetzen Europa demografisch. Wenn wir die Familienzusammenführung nicht aufheben, haben die Drogendealer nur eine geringe Inter-Funktion: Mit der legalen Einwanderung ist Frankreich zu einer afro-islamischen Provinz geworden. So wird Europa


It's much easier to act as if critics of Islam have a problem with Muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different, and more violent than other religions


Bill Warner, one of the foremost scholars of Political Islam, and the history and doctrine of the so-called “religion of peace” has kindly given permission to post these superb 14 lectures on the dangers of Political Islam


Den britiske regjeringen vurderer å blokkere småbåtene med migranter før de når britisk farvann og deretter eskortere dem tilbake til Frankrike. Dette er en strategi som Australia benyttet for å stanse migrantene som kom fra Indonesia


Never forget when islamic terrorism killed 3000 innocent people in one day during 9/11


Two words. Protestant ethic. Or, what’s better known today as “work ethic.”
[1]Believe it or not, it is Christian economics that has fueled the growth and success America has been known for all over the world. I have heard the argument, “Why are other countries so broke and poor, while we are so spoiled rich?” This comment may be generalized, but it gives a great idea into a typical daily dinner-table conversation


Somalieren sparkede hende i ryggen og voldtog hende

Det blev skæbnesvangert for en 31-årig kvinde, da hun natten til den 31. maj i år tilfældige mødte en 17-årig somalier, som bad hende om en cigaret


The Council on American-Islamic Relations, (CAIR), claims to represent Islam in North America and to protect “Muslim” civil rights despite absolute proof that CAIR is supporting Islamic terrorists


The case of persecuted Christians is dire and many need encouragement and hope. But what can we do? It may surprise you to learn that even if we feel powerless to do anything to help our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, there are actually a number of things we can do


A reminder that the Muslim mindset and the motivations behind muslim terrorism are many and multifaceted


Während für den Anschlag in Neuseeland gewohnheitsmäßig die Welt der Christen kollektiv als schuldig befunden wurde, wird zur Gefährlichkeit des islam angesichts des zurückliegenden Anschlags in Sri Lanka (der sechsmal mehr Menschenleben forderte) – keinerlei Vorwürfe einer Kollektivschuld gegen Islam erhoben. Obwohl der Islam seit seiner Gründung ununterbochen mordet und tötet und sich dabei auf insgesamt 2.000 Befehle Allahs und Mohammeds berufen kann


Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, January 30, 2005), is about the transformation of Europe into "Eurabia," a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world. Eurabia is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, and antisemitic


Trump Wants Boston Marathon Bomber to Get Death Penalty. Dems Want Him to Vote. It is sad that the democratic party knows that they rely on votes from muslim terrorists


Att inte göra något åt dagens samhällsproblem är exakt detsamma som att acceptera det som sker


Purvis is a Christian, a conservative, an author and political consultant. He has a "track record of challenging thinkers on both ends of the political and religious spectrums. With a unique message that centers on the idea that a moral rejuvenation is the only means by which to save American society, Robert challenges proponents of all ideologies to re-examine current popular thinking. Robert has a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University."


People from the christian majority in Uganda are often killed by people from the muslim minority. On the morning of June 23 rd, Christians gathered to plan retaliation, but local officials intervened and called the police to ease tensions. The district police commander, resident district commissioner, and local leaders condemned the killings. According to MSN, this assault was the latest instance of Christians being persecuted in Uganda


Stöd Sverigedemokraterna och stoppa Islam i Sverige


Support Israel by signing this petition and help fight media bias, hate crimes against Jews, and anti-Semitism. Together, we can fight this problem, creating a positive movement with a united Jewish front


Our nation's security and its cherished value of free speech has been endangered by the bullying campaigns of radical Islamic groups, masquerading as "civil rights" organizations, to remove any reference to the Islamist motivation behind Islamic terrorist attacks


En frihedskæmper der er værd at følge. Han udstiller både muslimer og myndigheders dobbeltmoral


When the muslim occupiers conquered Jerusalem. They introduced their diabolic religion in the area. For hundreds of years both Christians and Jews were prohibited from building higher than Muslim structures. Islam is always at war with other religions, and needs to be stopped


What makes our team so special? We are women. Women who know what it takes to get the job done. A group of women who knows that the next 4 years is critical. Our team has decades of experience in politics, media, and grassroots activism. Women that have been successful, and have shown they can make a difference. There are millions of women who support Donald Trump and we’re not standing in the shadows anymore!


Unterstützen Sie die NPD und stoppt den islam in Deutschland

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